ABOUT NEQO / Our reason to be

Neqo encompasses its strong expertise with a great integration and development capacity through the domain of state-of-the-art technologies.

Digital Project


Neqo offers to its clients more than 15 years of experience in the management of large-scale informatic projects. Neqo is positioned as a reference actor in the digital transformation.


Neqo teams have the means to deploy methods and skills that will change your information systems in a sustainable and safe approach.

Our distinctive added value

Neqo stands as your collaborative partner in the development of your digital projects.
Our goal is to bring the best solutions with competitive costs.

Because each context is different, each project is unique and its problems deserve an effective response, Neqo teams combine a triple ability:


Proven expertise in project management

Our consultants show rigor, a great listening capacity and follow Neqo’s methodology which guarantees meeting the deadlines, cost safety and control of the inherent risks in each project.


Total understanding of the task

Neqo introduces your target processes in the centre of its plan and trusts its specialised experts to integrate them in the best possible way. The operational excellence of your organization is our main goal.


Expertise in the most modern web technologies and solutions

Our employees are experts whose know-how keeps constantly evolving alongside market innovations.